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  • Title: Titus Andronicus (Quarto 1, 1594)

  • Copyright Internet Shakespeare Editions. This text may be freely used for educational, non-proift purposes; for all other uses contact the Coordinating Editor.
    Author: William Shakespeare
    Not Peer Reviewed

    Titus Andronicus (Quarto 1, 1594)

    of Titus Andronicus.
    Weeke, weeke, so cries a Pigge prepared to the spit.
    1830Deme. what meanst thou Aron, wherfore didst thou this?
    Aron. O Lord sir, tis a deede of pollicie,
    Shall shee liue to betraie this gilt of ours?
    A long tongude babling Gossip, No Lords, no:
    1835And now be it knowne to you my full intent.
    Not farre, one Muliteus my Countriman
    His wife but yesternight was brought to bed,
    His childe is like to her, faire as you are:
    Goe packe with him, and giue the mother gold,
    1840And tell them both, the circumstance of all,
    And how by this their childe shall be aduaunst,
    And be receiued for the Emperours Heire,
    And substituted in the place of mine,
    To calme this tempest whirling in the Court,
    1845And let the Lmperour dandle him for his owne.
    Harke yee Lords, you see I haue giuen her Phisicke,
    And you must needs bestow her Funerall,
    The fields are neere, and you are gallant Groomes:
    This done, see that you take no longer daies,
    1850But send the Midwife presentlie to mee.
    The Midwife and the Nurse well made away,
    Then let the Ladies tattle what they please.
    Chi. Aron, I see thou wilt not trust the aire with secrets.
    Demetrius. For this care of Tamora,
    1855Herselfe, and hers, are highlie bound to thee. Exeunt.
    Aron. Now to the Gothes as swift as swallow flies,
    There to dispose this treasure in mine armes,
    And secretlie to greete the Empresse friends:
    Come on you thicke-lipt-slaue, Ile beare you hence,
    1860For it is you that puts vs to our shifts:
    Ile make you feede on berries, and on roots,
    And feede on curds and whay, and sucke the Goate,
    And cabbin in a Caue, and bring you vp,
    To be a warriour and commaund a Campe. Exit.