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  • Title: Titus Andronicus (Quarto 1, 1594)

  • Copyright Internet Shakespeare Editions. This text may be freely used for educational, non-proift purposes; for all other uses contact the Coordinating Editor.
    Author: William Shakespeare
    Not Peer Reviewed

    Titus Andronicus (Quarto 1, 1594)

    of Titus Andronicus.
    Vnlesse the nightly Owle or fatall Rauen:
    And when they showd me this abhorred pit,
    840They told me here at dead time of the night,
    A thousand feends, a thousand hissing snakes,
    Ten thousand swelling toades, as manie vrchins,
    Would make such fearefull and confused cries,
    As any mortall body hearing it
    845Should strait fall mad, or els die suddainely.
    No sooner had they told this hellish tale,
    Bu strait they told me they would binde me here,
    Vnto the body of a dismall Ewghe,
    And leaue me to this miserable death.
    850And then they calde me foule adulteresse,
    Lauicious Goth, and all the bitterest tearmes,
    That euer eare did heare to such effect.
    And had you not by wondrous fortune come,
    This vengeance on me had they executed:
    855Reuenge it as you loue your Mothers life,
    Or be yee not henceforth cald my Children,
    Demetrius. This is a witnes that I am thy son. stab him.
    Chi And this for me struck home, to shew my strength.
    860Lauinia. I come Semeranis, nay barbarous Tamora,
    For no name fits thy nature but thy owne.
    Tamora. Giue me the poynard, you shall know my boies,
    Your Mothers hand shall right your Mothers wrong.
    Demetrius. Stay Madame here is more belongs to her,
    865First thrash the corne, then alter burne the straw:
    This minion stood vpon her chastitie,
    Vpon her Nuptiall vow, her loyaltie,
    And with that painted hope, braues your mightenes,
    And shall she carrie this vnto her graue.
    870Chiron. And if she doe, I would I were an Euenuke,
    Drag hence her husband to some secret hole,
    And make his dead trunke pillow to our lust.
    Tamora. But when yee haue the honie we desire,
    D3 Le