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  • Title: The Puritan (Folio 3, 1664)

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    Authors: Thomas Middleton, William Shakespeare
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    The Puritan (Folio 3, 1664)

    Enter Sir John Penny-Dub, and Moll above lacing
    of her cloathes.
    Pen. Whewh, Mistresse Moll, Mistresse Moll.
    2200Moll. Who's there?
    Pen. 'Tis I.
    Moll. Who, Sir John Penny-Dub? O you're an early
    Cock ifaith, who would have thought you to be so rare a
    2205Pen. Prethee, Moll, let me come up.
    Moll. No by my faith Sir John, I'le keep you down,
    for you Knights are very dangerous if once you get a-
    Pen. I'le not stay ifaith.
    2210Mol. Ifaith you shall stay: for, Sir John, you must
    note the nature of the Climates: your Northern Wench
    in her own Countrey may well hold out till she be fif-
    teen, but if she touch the South once, and come up to
    London, here the Chimes go presently after twelve.
    2215Pen. O th'art a mad Wench, Moll, but I prethee
    make haste, for the Priest is gone before.
    Moll. Do you follow him, I'le not be long after.