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  • Title: Henry IV, Part 1 (Quarto 1, 1598)
  • Editor: Rosemary Gaby
  • ISBN: 978-1-55058-371-7

    Copyright Rosemary Gaby. This text may be freely used for educational, non-profit purposes; for all other uses contact the Editor.
    Author: William Shakespeare
    Editor: Rosemary Gaby
    Not Peer Reviewed

    Henry IV, Part 1 (Quarto 1, 1598)

    The Historie
    The very bottome and the soule of hope,
    2275The very list, the very vtmost bound
    Of all our fortunes.
    Doug. Faith, and so we should,
    Where now remaines a sweet reuersion,
    We may boldly spend vpon the hope of what tis to come in,
    A comfort of retirement liues in this.
    Per. A randeuous, a home to flie vnto
    If that the Diuel and mischance looke big
    Vpon the maidenhead of our affaires.
    2285Wor. But yet I would your father had bin heere:
    The quality and haire of our attempt
    Brookes no deuision, it will be thought
    By some that know not why he is away,
    That wisedome, loialty, and meere dislike
    2290Of our proceedings kept the Earle from hence,
    And thinke how such an apprehension
    May turne the tide of fearefull faction,
    And breed a kind of question in our cause:
    For wel you know we of the offring side
    2295Must keepe aloofe from strict arbitrement,
    And stop al sight-holes euery loope from whence
    The eie of reason may prie in vpon vs,
    This absence of your fathers drawes a curtain
    That shewes the ignorant a kind of feare
    2300Before not dreamt of.
    Per. You straine too far.
    I rather of his absence make this vse,
    It lends a lustre and more great opinion,
    A larger dare to our great enterprise
    2305Then if the Earle were here, for men must thinke
    If we without his helpe can make a head
    To push against a kingdome, with his helpe
    We shal oreturne it topsie turuy down,
    Yet all goes well yet all our ioints are whole.
    2310Doug. As hart can thinke, there is not such a word
    Spoke of in Scotland as this tearme of feare.
    Enter sir Ri:Vernon.