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  • Title: Henry IV, Part 1 (Quarto 1, 1598)
  • Editor: Rosemary Gaby
  • ISBN: 978-1-55058-371-7

    Copyright Rosemary Gaby. This text may be freely used for educational, non-profit purposes; for all other uses contact the Editor.
    Author: William Shakespeare
    Editor: Rosemary Gaby
    Not Peer Reviewed

    Henry IV, Part 1 (Quarto 1, 1598)

    Henry the fourth.Enter the King, Lord Iohn of Lancaster, Earle of
    Westmerland, with others.

    5SO shaken as we are, so wan with care,
    Find we a time for frighted peace to pant,
    And breath short winded accents of new broiles
    To be commencte in stronds a far remote:
    No more the thirsty entrance of this soile
    10Shal dawbe her lips with her own childrens bloud,
    No more shall trenching war channel her fields,
    Nor bruise her flourets with the armed hoofes
    Of hostile paces: those opposed eies,
    Which like the meteors of a troubled heauen,
    15Al of one nature, of one substance bred,
    Did lately meete in the intestine shocke
    And furious close of ciuill butcherie,
    Shall now in mutuall welbeseeming rankes,
    March all one way, and be no more oppos'd
    20Against acquaintance, kindred and allyes.
    The edge of war, like an ill sheathed knife,
    No more shall cut his maister: therefore friends,
    As far as to the sepulcher of Christ,
    Whose soldiour now, vnder whose blessed crosse
    25We are impressed and ingag'd to fight,
    Forthwith a power of English shall we leauy,
    Whose armes were moulded in their mothers wombe,
    To chase these pagans in those holy fields,
    Ouer whose acres walkt those blessed feet,