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"Cold and dry, malevolent, lead."
Melancholic; masculine.

He governeth in a man's body the right ear, the milt, the bladder.

He hath dominion over the phthisic, catarrh, palsy, dropsy, quartan ague, consumption, gout, leprosy, morphew, cancer, flux, and griefs of the spleen. He is a friend to the retentive faculty, and he hath two houses as Capricorn and Aquarius.

Children born under Saturn

If he be Lord of the nativity, he maketh the children of proud heart, lofty in honours, sad, keeping anger, upright in counsel, disagreeing with their wives, malicious; of stature lean, pale, slender, and hard favoured, thick lips, wide nostrils and cold of nature. This planet giveth denomination to Saturday.

(The text on this and the preceding pages is taken from The Book of Secrets of Albertus Magnus, ed. Michael Best and Frank Brightman. Oxford: Clarendon Press, 1973. Reproduced by permission.)