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"Cold and moist, benevolent, copper."
Phlegmatic (moderate); feminine.

She governeth in man's body the loins, kidneys, buttocks, belly, flank and matrix [womb].

She beareth rule over all cold maladies, and moist, in the liver, heart, and stomach, and specially women about their privities; and she hath two mansions or houses, Taurus and Libra.

Children born under Venus

If she be Lady of the nativity, she maketh the children born pleasant, merry, given to pleasures, lovely, lecherous, just, inviolable keepers of faith and friendliness; of stature tall, comely, white and fair, having wanton and amiable eyes, gentle looks, thick and soft hair, sometimes curled, dancers and delighted in music. This gentle planet giveth denomination to Friday.