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The moon

"Cold and moist, benevolent, silver."
Phlegmatic; feminine.

She governeth in a man's body the brain, the left eye of a man and the right eye of a woman, the privy parts of a woman, the stomach both in man and woman, the belly, and generally all the left parts of the body.

She ruleth the palsy and writhing of the body. . . with infirmities proceeding of cold moisture, and she hath but one house only, to wit, Cancer.

Children born under the moon

If she be Sovereign of the nativity, she maketh the children born honest, honourable, inconstant, loving wet and moist places, and given to see strange countries; of stature tall, white and effiminate. She giveth name to Monday.

(The text on this and the next few pages is taken from The Book of Secrets of Albertus Magnus, ed. Michael Best and Frank Brightman. Oxford: Clarendon Press, 1973. Reproduced by permission.)