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"Hot and dry, malevolent, iron."
Choleric (extreme); masculine.

He governeth in a man's body the left ear, the gall, the reins, and cods [testicles].

He hath influence in the tertian fever [malaria], pestilence [the plague], and continual ague [fever], ringworm, megrim [migraine], rottenness, untimely deliverance, breaking of veins, and all diseases caused by choler, and hath two mansions, Aries and Scorpio.

Children born under Mars

If he be Lord of the nativity, he maketh the children born rough, wild, fierce, invincible, bold, contentious, obscure, easy to be deceived; of stature indifferent, lean, hard faced, red headed, small eyed, delighting to burn and destroy, subject to breaking their limbs, and violent death, or else to fall down from an high place. This planet giveth denomination to Tuesday.