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"Hot and moist, benevolent, tin."
Sanguine: masculine.

He governeth in a man's body the liver, the lungs, the ribs, midriff, gristles, blood and seed.

He hath dominion over the King's evil [scrofula], pleurisy, infection of the lungs, apoplexy proceeding of blood [stroke], cramp, great headache, heart-burning, and other diseases rising of blood. He hath likewise two houses, Sagittarius and Pisces.

Children born under Jupiter

If he be Lord of the nativity, he maketh the children born to be of notable courage, trusty, achieving great exploits, merry, glorious, honest; of stature fair and lovely coloured, gentle eyes, thick hair, stately in going, very loving both of wife and children. He giveth name to Thursday.