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Shakespeare and the Classical Tradition
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Shakespeare and the Classical Tradition: A Critical Guide to Commentary: 1660-1960
Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press, 1968
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This book appears in electronic form exactly as it appeared in its only previous publication, University of Minnesota Press, 1968. The republication is a new printing, not a new edition. "Not Seens", omissions, later printings of materials compiled in this book, and errors pointed out by reviewers and users will all be treated in the Supplement 1961-2001, now well under way, but not yet near completion. The compiler therefore will be pleased to hear from anyone who in working with this electronic republication detects a substantive factual error or an omission. Contact compiler by mail John W. Velz, P.O. Box 49803, Austin, TX 78765-0803, U.S.A. or by e-mail to


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