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  • Title: Der bestrafte Brudermord (Fratricide Punished)
  • Author: Anonymous
  • Editor: David Bevington
  • General textual editors: James D. Mardock, Eric Rasmussen
  • Associate textual editor: Donald Bailey
  • Coordinating editor: Michael Best
  • Associate coordinating editor: Janelle Jenstad

  • Copyright David Bevington. This text may be freely used for educational, non-profit purposes; for all other uses contact the Editor.
    Author: Anonymous
    Editor: David Bevington
    Not Peer Reviewed

    Der bestrafte Brudermord (Fratricide Punished)

    Hamlet, Horatio.
    All health and happiness wait on Your Majesty!
    We thank you, Prince! We are extremely glad that your melancholy has somewhat left you; wherefore today we have arranged a friendly match between you and young Leonhardus. You are to fight him with foils and the one of you who makes first three hits will have won the prize, a white Neapolitan horse with saddle and all the trappings.
    Your Majesty will pardon me, for I am little practiced with the foils, while Leonhardus comes direct from France, where he had undoubtedly had plenty of practice; wherefore will please excuse me.
    Prince Hamlet will do it to please us, for we are curious to learn what feints the Germans and French use.