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  • Title: Der bestrafte Brudermord (Fratricide Punished)
  • Author: Anonymous
  • Editor: David Bevington
  • General textual editors: James D. Mardock, Eric Rasmussen
  • Associate textual editor: Donald Bailey
  • Coordinating editor: Michael Best
  • Associate coordinating editor: Janelle Jenstad

  • Copyright David Bevington. This text may be freely used for educational, non-profit purposes; for all other uses contact the Editor.
    Author: Anonymous
    Editor: David Bevington
    Not Peer Reviewed

    Der bestrafte Brudermord (Fratricide Punished)

    Ophelia, with flowers.
    Look, there's a flower for thee; for thee too, and for thee too.
    [She gives a flower to each.]
    But gracious me, what had I clean forgotten! I must run quickly, I have forgotten my jewels. Ah! my diadem. I must go quick to the court goldsmith and ask what new fashions he has got. So, so, set the table quick; I shall soon be back again.
    [She runs off.]
    Am I then born to every misfortune! My father dead, and my sister robbed of her reason! My heart will almost burst for very grief!
    Take comfort, Leonhardus, thou shalt live supreme in our favor. But you, sweet Queen, be pleased to walk inside with us, for we have something to reveal to you in private. Leonhardus, do not forget what we have told you.
    I shall be diligent to perform it.
    My King, we must find some means by which this unhappy maiden may be restored to her senses.
    Let the case be handed over to our own physician. Follow us, Leonhardus.