Internet Shakespeare Editions

Shakespeare in Poland: Selected Issues

Table of contents

  1. What Did Shakespeare Know About Poland?
  2. Shakespeare's Arrival In Poland: Humble Beginnings
  3. The Enlightenment: Criticism and Theatrical Productions
  4. The Romantic Period: Shakespeare's Assumed Polish Identity
  5. The Turn Of The Nineteenth Century: The Star System in Polish Shakespearean Theatre
  6. The Inter-War Period (1919-1939): Scholarly and Theatrical Interpretations
  7. World War II and The Communist Regime: Shakespeare in the Theatre of Political Allusions and Metaphors
  8. World War II and The Communist Regime: Shakespeare Our Contemporary
  9. Theatrical Renditions Of Shakespeare in Democratic Poland
  10. High Versus Low Culture in Democratic Poland
  11. Translations
  12. Shakespeare as Inspiration
  13. Recent Scholarly and General Publications (1989-2003)
  14. Bibliography