Internet Shakespeare Editions

Shakespeare around the Globe

A collection of essays published by the University of Victoria
 ISBN: 1-55058-302-6

The aim of this series of essays is to introduce students and scholars to the way Shakespeare
 is understood, read, and performed in countries around the world.

Australia : Dr .Richard Madelaine and Dr. John Golder (University of New South Wales)
"To dote thus on such luggage": Appropriating Shakespeare in Australia

Canada : Dr. Irena R. Makaryk (University of Ottawa)
Shakespeare in Canada: "a world elsewhere"?

China : Dr. Ruru Li (University of Leeds)
Shakespeare in China: Old Man Sha in the Middle Kingdom

France : Professor Jean-Marie Maguin (UniversitĂ© de Montpellier III)
Shakespeare Studies in France since 1960

Italy : Prof. Michele Marrapodi (University of Palermo)
Shakespeare Studies in Italy

India : Dr. Sukanta Chaudhuri (Jadavpur University, Kolkata, India)
Shakespeare in India

Poland : Dr. Krystyna Kujawinska Courtney (University of Lodz, Poland)
Shakespeare in Poland

QuĂ©bec : Dr. Leanore Lieblein (McGill University)
Shakespeare in Francophone Québec

South Africa : Dr. Laurence Wright (Rhodes University)
From Farce to Shakespeare: Shakespeare on the South African Stage
An archive of performance materials from Yael Farber's   (2001), a South African adaptation of Julius Caesar

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