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About our collection

The Internet Shakespeare Editions offers multiple ways of exploring Shakespeare╩╝s plays and poems. We publish several versions of Shakespeare's works: searchable old-spelling transcriptions, modern editions prepared especially for the digital medium, and facsimile images of the original texts. Select any play or poem from the menu at the top of the screen to explore the texts or see a complete list of Shakespeare's works published on the site.

Old-spelling and modern editions

All Shakespeare╩╝s plays and poems are currently published in old-spelling versions, and twenty-two plays and most of the poems now appear in modern spelling. The old-spelling versions are diplomatic transcriptions and do not amend any errors present in the original text. Modern spelling versions are being edited specifically for the digital medium by an international team of scholars.

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Our collection includes a growing number of facsimiles—graphic images—of the folios and quartos as they were originally published. These images are kindly provided by libraries from around the world.

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Complete Editions

Complete editions contain Shakespeare╩╝s fully-edited plays and poems, critical and reference materials, and a full exploration of the context of Shakespeare╩╝s writing.

These plays have been completed and published online—and the list is growing:

An "illuminated text"

The Illuminated Text is an interactive resource that allows you to view the texts as the scribes did while taking advantage of the full capabilities of digital publications. Here you will find a range of multimedia tools to assist in the display, comparison and exploration of Shakespeare's texts.

Example: Internet Shakespeare EditionsHenry V

Editors, editorial principles, and peer review

The Internet Shakespeare Editions publishes only high quality materials. Our aim is to provide our world-wide audience with the best in Shakespeare scholarship and performance on a site that is freely available.

Items published on the site are edited by an international team of scholars and are subject to differing levels of review. To learn more about our editorial team, meet our editors and our advisory and  editorial boards. Review our editorial principles and guidelines to learn more about the theories and methods informing our editions.

We publish works that have been rigorously peer-reviewed by scholars in the field to the same standard expected of traditional scholarly presses. Peer reviewed works are published in our Library and each page indicates that the contents have been peer reviewed. 

The ISE takes advantage of the flexibility of the web as a medium that can publish works in progress. The Annex contains “pre-prints,” or drafts. These works have been approved by the Coordinating Editor, Michael Best, and are judged to be of sufficient academic quality for them to appear on the site, but have not yet been peer-reviewed.

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