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  • Title: Richard the Third (Folio 1, 1623)
  • Editor: Adrian Kiernander

  • Copyright Adrian Kiernander. This text may be freely used for educational, non-profit purposes; for all other uses contact the Editor.
    Author: William Shakespeare
    Editor: Adrian Kiernander
    Peer Reviewed

    Richard the Third (Folio 1, 1623)

    The Life and death of Richard the Third.
    Enter Richard.
    Rich. A Horse, a Horse, my Kingdome for a Horse.
    3835Cates. Withdraw my Lord, Ile helpe you to a Horse
    Rich. Slaue, I haue set my life vpon a cast,
    And I will stand the hazard of the Dye:
    I thinke there be sixe Richmonds in the field,
    Fiue haue I slaine to day, in stead of him.
    3840A Horse, a Horse, my Kingdome for a Horse.

    Alatum, Enter Richard and Richmond, they fight, Richard
    is slaine.

    Retreat, and Flourish. Enter Richmond, Derby bearing the
    Crowne, with diuers other Lords.

    3845Richm. God, and your Armes
    Be prais'd Victorious Friends;
    The day is ours, the bloudy Dogge is dead.
    Der. Couragious Richmond,
    Well hast thou acquit thee: Loe,
    3850Heere these long vsurped Royalties,
    From the dead Temples of this bloudy Wretch,
    Haue I pluck'd off, to grace thy Browes withall.
    Weare it, and make much of it.
    Richm. Great God of Heauen, say Amen to all.
    3855But tell me, is yong George Stanley liuing?
    Der. He is my Lord, and safe in Leicester Towne,
    Whither (if you please) we may withdraw vs.
    Richm. What men of name are slaine on either side?
    Der. Iohn Duke of Norfolke, Walter Lord Ferris,
    3860Sir Robert Brokenbury, and Sir William Brandon.
    Richm. Interre their Bodies, as become their Births,
    Proclaime a pardon to the Soldiers fled,
    That in submission will returne to vs,
    And then as we haue tane the Sacrament,
    3865We will vnite the White Rose, and the Red.
    Smile Heauen vpon this faire Coniunction,
    That long haue frown'd vpon their Enmity:
    What Traitor heares me, and sayes not Amen?
    England hath long beene mad, and scarr'd her selfe;
    3870The Brother blindely shed the Brothers blood;
    The Father, rashly slaughtered his owne Sonne;
    The Sonne compell'd, beene Butcher to the Sire;
    All this diuided Yorke and Lancaster,
    Diuided, in their dire Diuision.
    3875O now, let Richmond and Elizabeth,
    The true Succeeders of each Royall House,
    By Gods faire ordinance, conioyne together :
    And let thy Heires (God if thy will be so)
    Enrich the time to come, with Smooth-fac'd Peace,
    3880With smiling Plenty, and faire Prosperous dayes.
    Abate the edge of Traitors, Gracious Lord,
    That would reduce these bloudy dayes againe,
    And make poore England weepe in Streames of Blood;
    Let them not liue to taste this Lands increase,
    3885That would with Treason, wound this faire Lands peace.
    Now Ciuill wounds are stopp'd, Peace liues agen;
    That she may long liue heere, God say, Amen. Exeunt