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  • Title: Richard the Third (Folio 1, 1623)
  • Editor: Adrian Kiernander

  • Copyright Adrian Kiernander. This text may be freely used for educational, non-profit purposes; for all other uses contact the Editor.
    Author: William Shakespeare
    Editor: Adrian Kiernander
    Peer Reviewed

    Richard the Third (Folio 1, 1623)

    The Life and Death of Richard the Third.
    Is with a mighty power Landed at Milford,
    Is colder Newes, but yet they must be told.
    Rich. Away towards Salsbury, while we reason here,
    A Royall batteil might be wonne and lost:
    3345Some one take order Buckingham be brought
    To Salsbury, the rest march on with me. Florish. Exeunt

    Scena Quarta.

    Enter Derby, and Sir Christopher.

    Der. Sir Christopher, tell Richmond this from me,
    3350That in the stye of the most deadly Bore,
    My Sonne George Stanley is frankt vp in hold:
    If I reuolt, off goes yong Georges head,
    The feare of that, holds off my present ayde.
    So get thee gone: commend me to thy Lord.
    3355Withall say, that the Queene hath heartily consented
    He should espouse Elizabeth hir daughter.
    But tell me, where is Princely Richmond now?
    Chri. At Penbroke, or at Hertford West in Wales.
    Der. What men of Name resort to him.
    3360Chri, Sir Walter Herbert, a renowned Souldier,
    Sir Gilbert Talbot, Sir William Stanley,
    Oxford, redoubted Pembroke, Sir Iames Blunt,
    And Rice ap Thomas, with a valiant Crew,
    And many other of great name and worth:
    3365And towards London do they bend their power,
    If by the way they be not fought withall.
    Der. Well hye thee to thy Lord: I kisse his hand,
    My Letter will resolue him of my minde.
    Farewell. Exeunt

    3370Actus Quintus. Scena Prima.

    Enter Buckingham with Halberds, led
    to Execution.

    Buc. Will not King Richard let me speake with him?
    Sher. No my good Lord, therefore be patient.
    3375Buc. Hastings, and Edwards children, Gray & Riuers,
    Holy King Henry, and thy faire Sonne Edward,
    Vaughan, and all that haue miscarried
    By vnder-hand corrupted foule iniustice,
    If that your moody discontented soules,
    3380Do through the clowds behold this present houre,
    Euen for reuenge mocke my destruction.
    This is All-soules day (Fellow) is it not?
    Sher. It is.
    Buc. Why then Al-soules day, is my bodies doomsday
    3385This is the day, which in King Edwards time
    I wish'd might fall on me, when I was found
    False to his Children, and his Wiues Allies.
    This is the day, wherein I wisht to fall
    By the false Faith of him whom most I trusted.
    3390This, this All-soules day to my fearfull Soule,
    Is the determin'd respit of my wrongs:
    That high All-seer, which I dallied with,
    Hath turn'd my fained Prayer on my head,
    And giuen in earnest, what I begg'd in iest.
    3395Thus doth he force the swords of wicked men
    To turne their owne points in their Masters bosomes.
    Thus Margarets curse falles heauy on my necke:
    When he (quoth she) shall split thy heart with sorrow,
    Remember Margaret was a Prophetesse:
    3400Come leade me Officers to the blocke of shame,
    Wrong hath but wrong, and blame the due of blame.
    Exeunt Buckingham with Officers.

    Scena Secunda.

    Enter Richmond, Oxford, Blunt, Herbert, and
    3405others, with drum and colours.

    Richm Fellowes in Armes, and my most louing Frends
    Bruis'd vnderneath the yoake of Tyranny,
    Thus farre into the bowels of the Land,
    Haue we marcht on without impediment;
    3410And heere receiue we from our Father Stanley
    Lines of faire comfort and encouragement:
    The wretched, bloody, and vsurping Boare,
    (That spoyl'd your Summer Fields, and fruitfull Vines)
    Swilles your warm blood like wash, & makes his trough
    3415In your embowel'd bosomes: This foule Swine
    Is now euen in the Centry of this Isle,
    Ne're to the Towne of Leicester, as we learne:
    From Tamworth thither, is but one dayes march.
    In Gods name cheerely on, couragious Friends,
    3420To reape the Haruest of perpetuall peace,
    By this one bloody tryall of sharpe Warre.
    Oxf. Euery mans Conscience is a thousand men,
    To fight against this guilty Homicide.
    Her. I doubt not but his Friends will turne to vs.
    3425Blunt. He hath no friends, but what are friends for fear,
    Which in his deerest neede will flye from him.
    Richm. All for our vantage, then in Gods name march,
    True Hope is swift, and flyes with Swallowes wings,
    Kings it makes Gods, and meaner creatures Kings.
    3430Exeunt Omnes.

    Enter King Richard in Armes with Norfolke, Ratcliffe,
    and the Earle of Surrey.

    Rich. Here pitch our Tent, euen here in Bosworth field,
    My Lord of Surrey, why looke you so sad?
    3435Sur. My heart is ten times lighter then my lookes.
    Rich. My Lord of Norfolke.
    Nor. Heere most gracious Liege.
    Rich. Norfolke, we must haue knockes:
    Ha, must we not?
    3440Nor. We must both giue and take my louing Lord.
    Rich. Vp with my Tent, heere wil I lye to night,
    But where to morrow? Well, all's one for that.
    Who hath descried the number of the Traitors?
    Nor. Six or seuen thousand is their vtmost power.
    3445Rich. Why our Battalia trebbles that account:
    Besides, the Kings name is a Tower of strength,
    Which they vpon the aduerse Faction want.
    Vp with the Tent: Come Noble Gentlemen,
    Let vs suruey the vantage of the ground.
    3450Call for some men of sound direction: