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King John (1842, Macready's)

TitleKing John
Theater CompanyMacready's
Release LocationsUK
Start Date1842-11-04
End Date1843-01-02
Play ConnectionsKing John (performance)
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Cast Overview

King JohnWilliam Charles Macready
Queen EleanorMiss Ellis
Prince HenryMiss Gould
Prince HenryMiss Howard
Arthur, Duke of BrittaineMiss Newcombe
ConstanceMiss Helena Faucit
Blanche of SpainMiss Fairbrother
Lady FaulconbridgeMrs. Selby
Philip Faulconbridge, the BastardJames Anderson
Robert FaulconbridgeM. Barnett
Earl of PembrokeW. H. Bland
Earl of EssexMr. Ellis
Earl of SalisburyMr. Elton
Lord BigotMr. Stanton
Hubert de BurghSamuel Phelps
King Philip of FranceMr. Graham
Prince Lewis the DauphinMr. Hudson
Duke Limoges of AustriaSelby
Lord MelunG. Bennett
ChatillonMr. Lynne
Cardinal PandulphMr. Ryder

Production Team and Crew Overview

CostumesCharles Hamilton Smith
Scenery DesignWilliam Telbin
ComposerLudwig Von Beethoven
ComposerHenry Purcell

Company Overview

Theater Company Macready's