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William Charles Macready

William Charles Macready (1793-1873) was an English actor-manager. Although he was internationally renowned, his success in the United States was marred by the Astor Place Riot in New York in 1849. The riot, which was spurred on by a rivalry between Macready and the American actor-manager Edwin Forrest, resulted in a death toll of 22-31 and injuries to over 100 people. Macready never returned to America. He was responsible, in 1834, and more fully in 1838, for returning the text of King Lear to Shakespeare's text (although in a shortened version), after it had been replaced for more than a hundred and fifty years by Tate's happy ending adaptation, The History of King Lear. Macready managed Covent Garden (1837-1839) and later Drury Lane (1841-1843).

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Credited as cast

  1. King John (1851, UK) .... King John
  2. As You Like It (1842, Their Majesties' Servants, UK) .... Jaques
  3. King John (1842, Macready's, UK) .... King John
  4. King John (1836, UK) .... King John
  5. King John (1822, UK) .... Hubert de Burgh

Credited as production or crew

  1. As You Like It (1842, Their Majesties' Servants, UK) .... Producer
  2. King John (1823, Macready's, UK) .... Director

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