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Miss Helena Faucit

Helena Saville Faucit (1817-1898) was an English actress. Born in London, she was the daughter of actors John Saville Faucit and Harriet Elizabeth Savill. Faucit's first professional appearance was made on 5 January 1836 at Covent Garden. Her debut, which was a spectacular success, placed her at once among the leading actresses in London. After William Charles Macready joined the Covent Garden company in 1836, Faucit played numerous Shakespearean roles, including Juliet, Imogen, Hermione, and Beatrice. Faucit followed Macready to the Haymarket Theatre in 1840 and to Drury Lane in 1842. There she played Lady Macbeth, Constance, Desdemona, and Imogen. In the mid-1840s she toured in Scotland and Ireland and played various Shakespearean roles, including a successful Lady Macbeth (a role in which she had previously received criticism). In 1851 she married Theodore Martin, who was later knighted, making her "Lady Martin."

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Credited as cast

  1. King John (1842, Macready's, UK) .... Constance
  2. King John (1836, UK) .... Constance

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