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Henry the Eighth (2008, Colorado Shakespeare Festival)

TitleHenry the Eighth
Theater CompanyColorado Shakespeare Festival
Release LocationsUSA
Start Date2008-07-12
End Date2008-08-12
Play ConnectionsKing Henry VIII (performance)
SettingIn and around London during the reign of King Henry the Eighth: 16th Century.
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Cast Overview

Cardinal CampeiusJoey Andenucio
Sergeant-at-ArmsJoey Andenucio
MessengerJoey Andenucio
KeeperJoey Andenucio
Guards and ServantsJoey Andenucio
GarterJoey Andenucio
MasquersZachary M. Andrews
BishopZachary M. Andrews
CranmerZachary M. Andrews
First TradesmanZachary M. Andrews
Lord ChamberlainBob Buckley
Attendants/Secretaries to WolseyNathan A. Cooper
BishopNathan A. Cooper
GardinerNathan A. Cooper
MasquersJonathan Hicks
ScribeJonathan Hicks
Buckingham's StewardJonathan Hicks
Guards and ServantsRob Hille
Second TradesmanRob Hille
Porter's ManRob Hille
Doctor ButtsNoel Johnston
GriffithNoel Johnston
Sir Nicholas VauxNoel Johnston
Sir Thomas LovellDickson Jonathan
PorterDickson Jonathan
AldermanEarl Kim
Lord SandysEarl Kim
Ambassador CapuciusEarl Kim
Cardinal WolseyJulian Lopez-Morillas
Cardinal WolseyJulian López-Morillas
Earl of SurreySam Misner
MasquersSam Misner
Attendants/Secretaries to WolseySam Misner
VergerSam Misner
Lady in WaitingLisa Morse
Tradesman's WifeLisa Morse
Duke of NorfolkChip Persons
Duke of SuffolkSam Sandoe
Lady Companion to AnneAnne Sandoe
Lady in WaitingEmily Schmidt-Beuchat
Anne Bullen (Boleyn)Megan Pearl Smith
King Henry the EighthSean Tarrant
Queen KatharineMare Trevathan
PatienceElizabeth A. Wightman
Guards and ServantsGary Wright
Duke of BuckinghamGary Wright
Sir Anthony DennyGary Wright

Production Team and Crew Overview

DirectorJames Symons
Assistant DIrectorElizabeth A. Wightman
DramaturgElizabeth A. Wightman
Scenic DesignerFred M. Duer
Lighting DesignerJane Spencer
Sound DesignerKevin Dunayer
ChoreographerPenny Walrath Cole
Stage ManagerElizabeth Kegley
Assistant Stage ManagerAmanda M. Harland
Voice, Speech & Text CoachSarah Phillips
Costume DesignerRichard E. Donnelly
CromwellJonathan Hicks
Production AssistantRachel C. Lamp

Company Overview

Theater Company Colorado Shakespeare Festival

Production information courtesy of: Colorado Shakespeare Festival [website]