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The Tempest (2000, Bard on the Beach)

TitleThe Tempest
Theater CompanyBard on the Beach
Release LocationsCanada
Start Date2000-06-14
End Date2000-09-24
Play ConnectionsThe Tempest (performance)
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Cast Overview

AntonioDonald Adams
TrinculoTorquil Campbell
Mariner and SpiritPatrick Creery
JunoDeborah DeMille
CalibanSean Devine
StephanoChristopher Gaze
GonzaloJohn Innes
Mariner and SpiritAndrew Long
ArielTiffany Lyndall-Knight
Master of a ShipMr. Gerry Mackay
AdrianMr. Gerry Mackay
SebastianDon Noble
MirandaMoya O'Connell
AlonsoMatthew Penn
IrisJacob Shears
CeresAnn Shisko
FerdinandMartin Sims
FranciscoKerry VanderGriend
BoatswainKerry VanderGriend
ProsperoMr. Christopher Weddell

Production Team and Crew Overview

DirectorDouglas Campbell
Costume DesignMs. Mara Gottler
Set DesignPam Johnson
Lighting DesignJulia Vandergraaf
Production Stage ManagerMr. Stephen Courtenay
Assistant Stage ManagerRebecca Eamon
Apprentice Stage ManagerApril Land
Original Music Composed and Performed byGeorge Ryan

Company Overview

Theater Company Bard on the Beach

Production information courtesy of: Bard on the Beach [website]