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From the PlayOthello
Full NameMontano
Short NameMon.
DescriptionOthello's predecessor in the government of Cyprus

Production Appearances

ActorCredited AsProduction
Angus BellMontanoOtello (2017, The O'Brian Centre for Vancouver Opera, Canada)
Shaker PalejaMontanoOthello (2016, Bard on the Beach, Canada)
Joey IbanezMontanoOthello (2014, American Shakespeare Center, USA)
Chris JohnstonStratoThe Maid's Tragedy (2014, American Shakespeare Center, USA)
Matthew Natale RushMontanoOthello (2013, Orlando Shakespeare Theater in Partnership with UCF, USA)
Chris GenebachMontanoOthello (2011, Folger Shakespeare Library, USA)
Alasdair HowieMontanoOthello (2010, Big Ideas Club, Canada)
Michael HabibMontanoOthello (2007, The Bell Shakespeare Company, Australia)
BRAD RUDYMontanoOthello (2007, Stratford Festival of Canada, Canada)
Bradford CoverMontanoOthello (2006, Pennsylvania Shakespeare Festival, USA)
Matt BiedelMontanoOthello (2006, The Old Globe, USA)
Cork RamerMontanoOthello (2005, Nebraska Shakespeare Festival, USA)
Joris StuyckMontanoOthello (2005, Shakespeare Theatre Company, USA)
Brian ErlichMontanoOthello (2004, Marin Shakespeare Company, USA)
Richard SneeMontanoOthello (2001, American Repertory Theatre, USA)
George CausilMontanoOthello (1997, Shakespeare Theatre Company, USA)
Sheldon KrahnMontanoOthello (1996, Upstart Crow Theatre Group, Canada)
Jay StrattonMontanoOthello (1996, Colorado Shakespeare Festival, USA)
Ronn SarosiakMontanoOthello (1994, Stratford Festival of Canada, Canada)
Kevin BarrattMontanoOthello (1991, Nebraska Shakespeare Festival, USA)
Philip SullyMontanoOthello (1990, Trevor Nunn, UK)
Doug RossonMontanoOthello (1989, Colorado Shakespeare Festival, USA)
Keith DinicolMontanoOthello (1987, Stratford Festival of Canada, Canada)
Edward ToumajianMontanoOtello (1986, Franco Zeffirelli, International)
Mike HaywardMontanoOthello: The Moor of Venice (1985, Franklin Melton, USA)
Noel MedailleMontanoOthello (1984, Colorado Shakespeare Festival, USA)
Tony SteedmanMontanoOthello (1981, Jonathan Miller, GB)
Richard PoeMontanoOthello (1981, Oregon Shakespeare Festival, USA)
Benjamin AshburnMontanoOthello (1980, Liz White)
Joel KenyonMontanoOthello (1979, Stratford Festival of Canada, Canada)
Leonardo DefilippisMontanoOthello (1978, Colorado Shakespeare Festival, USA)
Mark MurpheyMontanoOthello (1973, Oregon Shakespeare Festival, USA)
Richard MonetteMontanoOthello (1973, Stratford Festival of Canada, Canada)
Robert BartonMontanoOthello (1970, Colorado Shakespeare Festival, USA)
Edward HardwickeMontanoOthello: The Moor of Venice (1965, Stuart Burge, GB)
Tony van BridgeMontanoOthello (1959, Stratford Festival of Canada, Canada)
William SharpMontanoOthello (1957, Oregon Shakespeare Festival, USA)
A. KelbererMontanoOthello (1955, William de Lane Lea)
Patrick WymarkMontanoOthello (1955, Tony Richardson, GB)
Jean DavisMontanoThe Tragedy of Othello, The Moor of Venice: A Motion Picture Adaptation of the Play by William Shakespeare (1952, Orson Welles, International)
Louis EymondMontanoOthello (1950, GB)
Brian ColemanMontanoTragedy of Othello (1950, GB)
Campbell LoganMontanoOthello (1937, GB)
Magnus StifterMontanoOthello (1922, Dimitri Buchowetzki, Germany)