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Othello (1994, Stratford Festival of Canada)

Theater CompanyStratford Festival of Canada
Release LocationsCanada
Start Date1994-06-25
End Date1994-10-15
Play ConnectionsOthello (performance)

Cast Overview

Duke of VeniceGraham Harley
BrabantioLewis Gordon
SenatorIan White
GratianoWilliam Needles
LodovicoDavid William
OthelloRon O'Neal
CassioPaul Miller
IagoScott Wentworth
RoderigoTim MacDonald
MontanoRonn Sarosiak
DesdemonaLucy Peacock
EmiliaDixie Seatle
BiancaRose Graham
OfficerPaul Essiembre
Cypriot OfficerJeffery Gruich
Cypriot OfficerDwight Peter Bacquie
Cypriot OfficerJamie Williams
BandsmanJamie Williams
ServantGeorge Chiang
SecretaryRose Graham

Production Team and Crew Overview

DirectorBrian Bedford
Costume DesignerAnn Curtis
Assoc. Costume DesigAlix Dolgoy
Set DesignerMing Cho Lee
Fight ArrangerJohn Stead
Stage ManagerHilary Graham
Light DesignerMichael J. Whitfield
Sound byKeith Handegord
Music byAlan Laing

Company Overview

Theater Company Stratford Festival of Canada

Production information courtesy of: Alan Somerset