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The Rose

The reconstructions on the following pages are reproduced
by kind permission of artist and theater historian
C. Walter Hodges.

This reconstruction of the Rose* by theater historian C. Walter Hodges is based on information obtained from the excavation begun in December 1988.

Notice that the stage is relatively small, reaching only about one-third of the way into the "yard" where a lone spectator stands. Later theaters had much larger stages.

The Rose, built by Philip Henslowe in 1587, was the first playhouse on the Bankside. It was home stage for the Admiral's Men from 1594 to 1600. Shakespeare's plays Henry VI, Part One and Titus Andronicus may have premiered at the Rose in 1592. The theater was probably demolished by 1606.

The reconstruction

In these views the stage is shown as it might have been after Henslowe invested extra money in the theater in 1592. Not all stage historians would agree that the interior should be as elaborate as this reconstruction.



  1. By any other name?

    The Rose got its name from the rose gardens on the original property, The Estate of the Little Rose.