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A reconstruction of the first Globe

Reproduced from C. Walter Hodges
The Globe Restored, by permission.

In this conjectural reconstruction of the Globe, the scene "above" takes place on a platform projecting well onto the stage, where action would be fully visible to those in the upper galleries, and the groundlings who stood to watch. However, the spectators in the Gentlemen's rooms and the Lord's room might not see the action clearly. Compare this version with the sketch of the Swan.

The Globe theater was owned by a syndicate of actors. Half ownership was given to Richard Burbage and his brother Cuthbert, while the other half was divided among the remaining shareholders.

Shakespeare's ownership was originally one-fifth of a moiety [half], or ten percent; his percentage fluctuated over the years as people withdrew and joined the partnership. Shakespeare's theater shares are not mentioned in his will, so he must have sold them in his retirement, possibly after the Globe burned down in 1613.