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Letters of Support and Testimonials

Our Making Waves Campaign has received endorsements from distinguished Shakespeare scholars and librarians at the cutting edge of the movement towards digital information. We are pleased to present their letters of support

 "Michael Best is brilliant, visionary, hardworking, attentive, unfailingly courteous, and everything that one wants in a senior editor. The project on line is receiving a tremendous number of hits, which will surely grow as the series expands and prospers. . . .I am proud to be a part of ISE, under Michael Best╩╝s leadership, and I recommend it to libraries and other facilities around the world."
 – David Bevington, Phyllis Fay Horton Distinguished Service Professor in the Humanities, University of Chicago. Read full letter.

 "The ISE is one of the most important Shakespeare sites on the Internet—it is indeed becoming the indispensable site.
 – Anthony Dawson, Professor Emeritus, University of British Columbia. Read full letter.

 "The ISE, under the astute and visionary direction of Michael Best, fills a huge void in Shakespeare scholarship, especially in relation to current practices, worldwide Shakespeare innovations and entrepreneurship, professional practices and critical overviews of bold new international productions."
 – Jim Volz, Professor, California State University, Fullerton; President, Consultants for the Art; Editor, Shakespeare Theatre Association╩╝s Quarto. Read full letter.

Testimonials from our visitors

We are always delighted to receive emails of praise from our users and we wanted to showcase some of them. We would love to hear your feedback as well.

 "Thank you so much for your diligence in preserving Shakespeare's wonderful words. My school is performing "Shrew" in a few weeks, and your web site has already been an invaluable—and, let's face it, cool—resource." – Ellis Schoolfield, 23 September 2014

"I was drawn to your site because of a Summer Scholars course I am taking on the digital humanities at North Dakota State University. I am a graduate student studying Shakespeare and Early Modern literature and have typically been resistant to the digital humanities and its pervading influence on the discipline, but a quick study of your site and all that it offers has helped me towards an assimilation that needs to, and that will soon take place. I thank you for making accessible to many what had previously only been available to a few, and I look forward to using the tools your site makes available to examine quarto and folio texts and to study the differences found within them and how conflations of them effect our modern editions of the plays. I am wondering, how complete is your collection of quartos, and is your collection of criticism ongoing? Thank you again for the excellent work you do and for the materials and tools that you provide." – Steven Petherbridge, 21 June 2014

 "“First, thank you for maintaining such a comprehensive and accessible archive of these works—you are providing an invaluable service to writers, actors, directors, readers, and humans in general.” – Elliot Smith, 6 November 2013

 “I'm doing a comparison study of the Hamlet Quartos and the First Folio, and want to say that your online copy of the First Folio pages has been extremely helpful.” – Nick, 19 August 2013 

 "I currently work at the W. B. Goodwin Community Center and this summer the teens here are putting on Midsummer Night╩╝s Dream. While looking for information on Shakespeare to teach the kids about the man behind the plays I happened to find your webpage, Research Resources, and found a lot of great information. I love how you provide resources about Shakespeare as well as the time he lived.” – Julie Krammer, 14 March 2013  

 "Just wanted to take a quick moment this morning to say thank you! My ninth grade theater class is beginning their research on famous play wrights and came across your page (Study Materials) while collecting resources. The kids had some really nice things to say about your Shakespeare resources and I thought it appropriate to pass along their positive feedback! :)" – Linda Fuller, 30 March 2012

 "I adore this site and the work y'all have done . . . . thank you for your work. You are making mine much easier.” – Matt Vadnais, Assistant Professor of English, Beloit College, 10 June 2011

 “I have found your website immensely helpful for research . . . . Thank you for all of your hard work. The website is wonderful.” – Allison Lenhardt,  7 June 2011

 "I do truly admire this online library. I am 26 year old High-school English teacher in Romania. I love English language and literature.” – Andra Felicia Dima,  5 May 2011  

 “Thanks for producing such a great resource! . . . . Thanks again for making the facsimiles available online.” – Sam Dutton, 8 April 2011 

 “The Queens Men Editions is a wonderful project that I've been using for my classes.” – Dr. Evelyn Tribble,  6 March 2011 

"Love this website. Very helpful." – Joel Jahnke,  22 February 2011

 "I think the Shakes site is marvelous!" – Jef Johnson, Actor,  6 May 2007

 "I am a year 12 student from Oxfordshire who is currently studying and writing a piece of coursework about Shakespeare's,"The Winter's Tale." I came across your site and immediately took a great liking to the vast range of resources on your site." – Charlotte Krol,  25 March 2007

 "You have made a gorgeous, rich looking site, with loads of information, it is fun to look through and it is now on my favourites list." – Sharon Jackson, 20 March 2007

 "I just want to commend you for this wonderful resource that makes multiple versions of the plays available for FREE to all students. I am compiling a list of web resources for my class and find that the information and quality of information here is so helpful that I really feel that I won't have to look too much further." – Kate Giglio, Assistant Professor, Department of English, University of Central Florida, 25 January 2007

 “What a wonderful resource.  I look forward to digging around in it.” – Jason Heil, Actor, 9 December 2006

 “Your site is very well organized in a way that is fairly easy to navigate, with informative, pithy commentary.  For someone that appreciates Shakespeare this is a welcome breath of fresh air. Congratulations on the success of your project.  Your own love of Shakespeare is clearly evident, and is displayed by the design, layout, and content that you present. I give you my hearty thanks.  Your site is one that I will certainly share with others.” – Steven Mittag, 29 August 2006 

 “Your site is invaluable, and I thank you very much for providing it.” – Fredric Woodbridge Wilson, Curator, The Harvard Theatre Collection, Harvard University, 16 February 2006

 "A word of praise: your website is wonderful! I am enjoying it so much, and finding it so extremely useful for my students. You have become another presence in the seminar room—albeit a 'virtual' one." – Anne McLaren, Senior Lecture, School of History, University of Liverpool

 "This is a great website! I got all of the information I needed for my research paper on Elizabethan Music."  – Sarah

 "I have had to do a 50 page project on James I and this website has helped me so much during the past 4 weeks. By this web page I have achieved an A+ and I am so happy. This web site does wonders for your brain and mind." – Becky

 "I wanted to tell you that your resources are great on [The Globe]. I teach a sixth grade theatre elective (we just started last week!) and our first fun assignment was to search for some safe online resources to help us learn about the Shakespeare! . . . Thanks again and happy learning!" – Catherine Jones

 "I wanted to thank you for such a wonderful resource! I'm a retired teacher, but I still tutor and teach home schooled children. I'm constantly scouring the Internet for new resources and teaching aides to provide for the children when I'm not available to guide them." – Mrs. Ruth Evans

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