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Support for the Internet Shakespeare Editions provides a remarkably cost-effective way of investing in high-quality content. Much of the site has been developed with the help of volunteers: our editors, editorial boards, and Board of Directors all contribute their time unstintingly.

All funds go to support the site. Funds raised in our Making Waves campaign will be put towards an endowment to ensure continuing support for:

The endowment funds will be administered by the Development Office of the University of Victoria.

How we spend our money

As a non-profit site, the costs of our project are kept to a minimum, thanks both to the University of Victoria—which generously provides infrastructure support—and to a small army of professional and scholarly volunteers who provide content. The only overhead we pay is for the standard needs of a non-profit organization: modest accounting and legal expenses. This means that our funds can be spent almost exclusively on maintaining and enhancing the site. We employ talented research assistants and programmers for programming, data entry, copy-editing and general maintenance of the site. Many of our assistants are students and they provide our organization with a keen awareness of student needs. Our alumni have gone on to productive work either in graduate school or the marketplace, thanks in part to the training they have received working for the ISE. 

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