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Internet Shakespeare Editions

Shakespeare in Performance: Stage Production

Romeo and Juliet (2016, Bard on the Beach)

TitleRomeo and Juliet
Theater CompanyBard on the Beach
Release LocationsCanada
Start Date2016-06-03
End Date2016-09-23
Play ConnectionsRomeo and Juliet (performance)

Cast Overview

Romeo MontagueAndrew Chown
Juliet CapuletHailey Gillis
Prince EscalusVictor Dolhai
ParisShaker Paleja
MontagueMr. David Marr
Lady MontagueAmber Lewis
Lady CapuletDawn Petten
CapuletAshley Wright
NurseMs. Jennifer Lines
Old Cousin CapuletTom Pickett
MercutioAndrew McNee
BenvolioBenjamin Elliott
TybaltAnton Lipovetsky
Friar LawrenceMr. Scott Bellis
Friar JohnTom Pickett
BalthasarDaniel Doheny
Page to ParisAndrew Cownden
ApothecaryAnton Lipovetsky
Capulet ServantMr. Scott Bellis
MusicianVictor Dolhai
MusicianBenjamin Elliott
Capulet ServantAmber Lewis
MusicianAnton Lipovetsky
Montague ServantAndrew McNee
Montague ServantShaker Paleja
MusicianTom Pickett

Production Team and Crew Overview

DirectorKim Collier
Set Design ApprenticeBronwyn Carradine
Costume DesignerNancy Bryant
Lighting DesignerGerald King
ChoreographerValerie Easton
Fight DirectorDavid McCormick
Production Stage ManagerMr. Stephen Courtenay
Assistant Stage ManagerKelly Barker
Scenery DesignerPam Johnson
Head Voice and Text CoachAlison Matthews
Directing ApprenticeMatthew Thomas Walker
Apprentice Stage ManagerElizabeth Wellwood

Company Overview

Theater Company Bard on the Beach

Production information courtesy of: Jasmeen Boparai