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Internet Shakespeare Editions


Plays: 1594-1605

1597-1602 The Merry Wives of Windsor May have been performed at Court in 1597; not mentioned by Meres (1598). Bad quarto 1602. 1623
1598-1599 Henry V Not mentioned by Meres. Referred to in a play published in 1599. 1623
1598-1600 Much Ado About Nothing Not mentioned by Meres. 1600
1599 Julius Caesar Not mentioned by Meres; seen by a traveller,Thomas Platter, in 1599. 1623
1599-1600 As You Like It Not mentioned by Meres; Stationers' Register entry 1600. 1623
1600-1601 Hamlet Stationers' Register entry, 1602. "Bad" quarto 1603. 1604
1600-1602 Twelfth Night A performance described, 1602. 1623
1601-1602 Troilus and Cressida the Stationers' Register entry, 1603; topical reference to a play of 1601. Folio version (1623) substantially different from the Quarto. 1609
1594-1605 All's Well That Ends Well No direct evidence. May have been written earlier and revised in about 1602-3. 1623