Internet Shakespeare Editions


A Note on Scene's Predecessor

Scene replaces the ISE Chronicle (ISEC). In 2008, ISEC was a unique new platform for Shakespearean performance criticism. It provided a dedicated online space in which theater practitioners, scholars, critics, and members of the public could analyze and interactively discuss contemporary Shakespearean performance. ISEC had a dual purpose: (1) to raise current awareness, understanding, and enjoyment of Shakespeare as a twenty-first century global theatrical phenomenon, and (2) to constitute a substantial and permanent database of informed criticism, accessible to future historians, scholars, actors, theater-goers, and students of Shakespeare in performance. ISEC was built on a multi-blog engine (developed by b2evolution from the same b2 tool that was the germ of WordPress).1 Anyone could create a profile and post a review. Our predecessors hoped the newfound respectability and ease of blogging would attract a steady flow of reviews from playgoing Shakespeare scholars and the general public. A few regular reviewers did come after the ISE built ISEC, but not enough to justify further investment in the brand or the custom tool. Charged with revitalizing ISEC and soliciting reviews, we (Quarmby and Jenstad) opted for a snappy name, a fresh look, a new contributor model, and a revitalized mission

After briefly considering Open Journal Systems as a publication platform, we decided to use a technology already deployed by the ISE for the Shakespeare's Life and Times encyclopedia, the critical introductions to the plays, and all the contextual pages on the site. We are grateful to ISE programmer Maxwell Terpstra for building a journal system within the ISE's robust XWiki platform, and to HCMC Programmer Consultant Pat Szpak for designing the banner.

All reviews from ISEC have been archived in a special issue of Scene. Fully interoperable with the ISE editions and Shakespeare in Performance database, ISEC reviews continue to form a part of the ISE's production and performance record.

— Janelle Jenstad (Coordinating Editor, ISE)

  1. ^ See François Planque's for a history of the relationship between b2, b2evolution and WordPress.