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Reviews from the ISE Chronicle

The following reviews were published on the ISE Chronicle between 2008 and 2015. In 2017, ISEC was superseded by the journal Scene. ISEC reviews have been archived here without any editorial changes. ISEC reviews were posted to a blogging platform by the authors of the reviews. They did not go through peer review and were not copyedited by the ISE. However, some reviewers were granted "Invited Reviewer" status on the basis of their experience and credentials.

Performance reviews

by Cristina Alfar

by Michael Best

by Bruce Brandt

by Cameron Butt

by Eleanor Collins

by Kevin Crawford

by Telka Duxbury

by Julian Gunn

by Jack Heller

by Pete Kirwan

by Thomas Larque

by Brenda Liddy

by Robert Lilly

by Michael Luskin

by Quinn MacDonald

by James Mardock

by Sarah Neville

by Kevin Quarmby

by Unattributed Reviews

by Hugh M. Richmond

by Jami Rogers

by Peter Smith

by Holger Syme

by Jim Volz

by Charles Weinstein

by Richard Wood