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  • Title: The Winter's Tale (Folio 1, 1623)
  • Editor: Hardin Aasand
  • ISBN: 978-1-55058-367-0

    Copyright Hardin Aasand. This text may be freely used for educational, non-profit purposes; for all other uses contact the Editor.
    Author: William Shakespeare
    Editor: Hardin Aasand
    Peer Reviewed

    The Winter's Tale (Folio 1, 1623)

    The Winters Tale. 303
    3320Lawfull as Eating.
    Pol. She embraces him.
    Cam. She hangs about his necke,
    If she pertaine to life, let her speake too.
    Pol. I, and make it manifest where she ha's liu'd,
    3325Or how stolne from the dead?
    Paul. That she is liuing,
    Were it but told you, should be hooted at
    Like an old Tale: but it appeares she liues,
    Though yet she speake not. Marke a little while:
    3330Please you to interpose (faire Madam) kneele,
    And pray your Mothers blessing: turne good Lady,
    Our Perdita is found.
    Her. You Gods looke downe,
    And from your sacred Viols poure your graces
    3335Vpon my daughters head: Tell me (mine owne)
    Where hast thou bin preseru'd? Where liu'd? How found
    Thy Fathers Court? For thou shalt heare that I
    Knowing by Paulina, that the Oracle
    Gaue hope thou wast in being, haue preseru'd
    3340My selfe, to see the yssue.
    Paul. There's time enough for that,
    Least they desire (vpon this push) to trouble
    Your ioyes, with like Relation. Go together
    You precious winners all: your exultation
    3345Partake to euery one: I (an old Turtle)
    Will wing me to some wither'd bough, and there
    My Mate (that's neuer to be found againe)
    Lament, till I am lost.
    Leo. O peace Paulina:
    3350Thou shouldst a husband take by my consent,
    As I by thine a Wife. This is a Match,
    And made betweene's by Vowes. Thou hast found mine,
    But how, is to be question'd: for I saw her
    (As I thought) dead: and haue (in vaine) said many
    3355A prayer vpon her graue. Ile not seeke farre
    (For him, I partly know his minde) to finde thee
    An honourable husband. Come Camillo,
    And take her by the hand: whose worth, and honesty
    Is richly noted: and heere iustified
    3360By Vs, a paire of Kings. Let's from this place.
    What? looke vpon my Brother: both your pardons,
    That ere I put betweene your holy lookes
    My ill suspition: This your Son-in-law,
    And Sonne vnto the King, whom heauens directing
    3365Is troth-plight to your daughter. Good Paulina,
    Leade vs from hence, where we may leysurely
    Each one demand, and answere to his part
    Perform'd in this wide gap of Time, since first
    We were disseuer'd: Hastily lead away. Exeunt.

    3369.1The Names of the Actors.

    Leontes, King of Sicillia.
    Mamillus, yong Prince of Sicillia.
    Camillo. }
    3369.5Antigonus. } Foure
    Cleomines. } Lords of Sicillia.
    Dion. }
    Hermione, Queene to Leontes.
    Perdita, Daughter to Leontes and Hermione.
    3369.10Paulina, wife to Antigonus.
    Emilia, a Lady.
    Polixenes, King of Bohemia.
    Florizell, Prince of Bohemia.
    Old Shepheard, reputed Father of Perdita.
    3369.15Clowne, his Sonne.
    Autolicus, a Rogue.
    Archidamus, a Lord of Bohemia.
    Other Lords, and Gentlemen, and Seruants.
    Shepheards, and Shephearddesses.
    3369.20 FINIS.