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  • Title: Troilus and Cressida (Quarto 1, 1609)
  • Editor: William Godshalk
  • ISBN: 1-55058-301-8

    Copyright Internet Shakespeare Editions. This text may be freely used for educational, non-proift purposes; for all other uses contact the Coordinating Editor.
    Author: William Shakespeare
    Editor: William Godshalk
    Peer Reviewed

    Troilus and Cressida (Quarto 1, 1609)

    of Troylus and Cresseida.
    Pan. Why, you know tis dimpled,
    I thinke his smyling becomes him better then any man in
    all Phrigia. Cres. Oh he smiles valianty.
    280Pan. Dooes hee not?
    Cres. Oh yes, and twere a clowd in Autumne.
    Pan. Why go to then, but to proue to you that Hellen
    loues Troylus.
    Cres. Troylus wil stand to thee proofe if youle prooue it so.
    Pan. Troylus, why hee esteemes her no more then I e-
    steeme an addle egge:
    Cres. If you loue an addle egge as well as you loue an idle
    head you would eate chickens ith shell.
    290Pan. I cannot chuse but laugh to thinke how she ticled
    his chin, indeed shee has a maruel's white hand I must needs
    Cres. Without the rack.
    Pan. And shee takes vpon her to spie a white heare on
    295his chinne.
    Cres. Alas poore chin many a wart is ritcher.
    Pan. But there was such laughing, Queene Hecuba laught
    that her eyes ran ore.
    Cres. With milstones.
    300Pan. And Cassandra laught.
    Cres. But there was a more temperate fire vnder the por
    of her eyes: did her eyes run ore to?
    Pan. And Hector laught.
    Cres. At what was all this laughing.
    305Pan. Marry at the white heare that Hellen spied on Troy-
    lus chin.
    Cres. And t'had beene a greene heare I should haue
    laught too.
    Pan. They laught not so much at the heare as at his pret-
    310ty answere.
    Cres, What was his answere?
    Pan. Quoth shee heere's but two and fifty heires on your
    chinne; and one of them is white.
    Cres. This is her question.
    315Pan. Thats true, make no question of that, two and fiftie
    B heires