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  • Title: King Lear (Quarto 1, 1608)
  • Editor: Michael Best
  • Textual editors: James D. Mardock, Eric Rasmussen
  • Coordinating editor: Michael Best
  • ISBN: 978-1-55058-463-9

    Copyright Michael Best. This text may be freely used for educational, non-profit purposes; for all other uses contact the Editor.
    Author: William Shakespeare
    Editor: Michael Best
    Not Peer Reviewed

    King Lear (Quarto 1, 1608)

    The Historie of King Lear.
    Glost. Hartie thankes, the bornet and beniz of heauen to
    saue thee. 2675 Enter Steward.
    Stew. A proclamed prize, most happy, that eyles head of thine
    was framed flesh to rayse my fortunes, thou most vnhappy tray-
    tor, briefly thy selfe remember, the sword is out 2680that must de-
    stroy thee.
    Glost. Now let thy friendly hand put strength enough to't.
    Stew. Wherefore bould pesant durst thou support a publisht
    traytor, hence 2685least the infection of his fortune take like hold on
    thee, let goe his arme?
    Edg. Chill not let goe sir without cagion.
    Stew. Let goe slaue, or thou diest.
    2690Edg. Good Gentleman goe your gate, let poore voke passe,
    and chud haue beene swaggar'd out of my life, it would not haue
    beene so long by a fortnight, nay come not neare the old man,
    keepe out, cheuore ye, or ile trie whether your coster or my bat-
    tero be the harder, 2695ile be plaine with you.
    Stew. Out dunghill.
    they fight.
    Edg.Possible blackletter period.--> Chill pick your teeth sir, come, no matter for your foyns.
    Stew. Slaue thou hast slaine me, villaine take my pursse,
    2700If euer thou wilt thriue, burie my bodie,
    And giue the letters which thou find'st about me
    To Edmund Earle of Gloster, seeke him out vpon
    The British partie, ô vntimely death! death. He dies.
    Edg. I know thee well, a seruiceable villaine,
    2705As dutious to the vices of thy mistres, as badnes would(desire.
    Glost. What is he dead?
    Edg. Sit you down father, rest you lets see his pockets
    These letters that he speakes of 2710may be my friends,
    Hee's dead, I am only sorrow he had no other deaths
    Let vs see, leaue gentle waxe, and manners blame vs not
    To know our enemies minds wee'd rip their hearts,
    Their papers is more lawfull.
    Let your reciprocall vowes bee remembred, you haue many
    opportunities to cut him off, if your will want not, time and place
    will be fruitfully offered, there is nothing done, If he returne the
    conquerour, then am I the prisoner, and his bed my 2720gayle, from
    the lothed warmth whereof deliuer me, and supply the place for