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  • Title: The Tragedy of Locrine (Third Folio, 1664)

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    Authors: Anonymous, William Shakespeare
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    The Tragedy of Locrine (Third Folio, 1664)

    Scena Quinta.
    Enter Humber, Hubba, Segar, Trussier, and
    their Soldiers.
    755Hum. Hubba, go take a Coronet of our Horse,
    As many Launciers, and light-armed Knights,
    As may suffice for such an enterprise,
    And place them in the Grove of Calcedon,
    With these, when as the skirmish doth encrease,
    760Retire thou from the shelters of the wood,
    And set upon the weakned Trojans backs,
    For policy joyned with Chivalry,
    Can never be put back from victory.Exeunt.
    Enter Albanact, Clownes with him.
    765Alb. Thou base born Hunne, how durst thou be so bold,
    As once to menace warlike Albanact?
    The great Commander of these Regions,
    But thou shalt buy thy rashnesse with thy death,
    And rue too late thy over-bold attempts,
    770For with this Sword, this Instrument of death,
    That hath been drenched in my Foe-mens blood,
    I'le separate thy body from thy head,
    And set that Coward blood of thine abroach.
    Strum. Nay with this staffe great Strumbo's Instru-(ment,
    775I'le crack thy Cockscombe, paltry Scythian.
    Hum. Nor wreak I of thy threats, thou princox boy,
    Nor doe I fear thy foolish insolency,
    And but thou better use thy bragging blade,
    Then thou dost rule thy overflowing tongue,
    780 Superbious Britain, thou shalt know too soon
    The force of Humber and his Scythians.
    Let them fight.
    Humber and his Soldiers run in.
    Strum. O horrible, terrible.