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  • Title: Hamlet (Modern, Quarto 1)
  • Editor: David Bevington
  • ISBN: 978-1-55058-434-9

    Copyright David Bevington. This text may be freely used for educational, non-profit purposes; for all other uses contact the Editor.
    Author: William Shakespeare
    Editor: David Bevington
    Not Peer Reviewed

    Hamlet (Modern, Quarto 1)

    2738.0[Scene 13]
    2738.1Enter King and Queen.
    Hamlet is shipped for England. Fare him well.
    I hope to hear good news from thence ere long,
    If everything fall out to our content,
    2738.5As I do make no doubt but so it shall.
    God grant it may. Heav'ns keep my Hamlet safe!
    2820But this mischance of old Corambis' death
    Hath piercèd so the young Ofelia's heart
    That she, poor maid, is quite bereft her wits.
    Alas, dear heart! And on the other side
    2825We understand her brother's come from France,
    2825.1And he hath half the heart of all our land;
    And hardly he'll forget his father's death
    2828.1Unless by some means he be pacified.
    Oh, see where the young Ofelia is!
    Enter Ofelia playing on a lute, and her hair 2766.1down, singing.
    How should I your true love know
    From another man?
    2770By his cockle hat and his staff,
    And his sandal shoon.
    White his shroud as mountain snow,
    2780Larded with sweet flowers,
    That bewept to the grave did not go
    With true lovers' showers.
    He is dead and gone, lady,
    he is dead and gone.
    At his head a grass green turf,
    At his heels a stone.
    How is't with you, sweet Ofelia?
    Well, God yield you.
    It grieves me to see how they laid him in the cold ground.
    I could not choose but weep.
    [She sings.]
    And will he not come again?
    And will he not come again?
    No, no, he's gone, and we cast away moan,
    And he never will come again.
    2945His beard as white as snow;
    All flaxen was his poll.
    He is dead, he is gone,
    And we cast away moan.
    God ha' mercy on his soul!
    And of all Christen souls, I pray God.
    God be with you, ladies, God be with you.
    Exit Ofelia.
    A pretty wretch! This is a change indeed.
    O Time, how swiftly runs our joys away!
    Content on earth was never certain bred.
    Today we laugh and live, tomorrow dead.
    2835How now, what noise is that?
    2809.5A noise within.
    Enter Laertes.
    [To his followers, who are offstage] Stay there until I come.--
    O thou vile king, give me my father!
    Speak, say, where's my father?
    Who hath murdered him? Speak. I'll not
    Be juggled with, for he is murdered.
    True, but not by him.
    By whom? By heav'n, I'll be resolved.
    [The Queen attempts to restrain him.]
    Let him go, Gertred. Away! I fear him not.
    There's such divinity doth wall a king
    That treason dares not look on.
    Let him go, Gertred.--That your father is murdered,
    'Tis true, and we most sorry for it,
    2901.1Being the chiefest pillar of our state.
    Therefore will you, like a most desperate gamester,
    Swoopstake-like, draw at friend and foe and all?
    To his good friends thus wide I'll ope mine arms
    And lock them in my heart, but to his foes
    I will no reconcilement but by blood.
    Why, now you speak like a most loving son.
    And that in soul we sorrow for his death,
    Yourself ere long shall be a witness.
    2960Meanwhile, be patient and content yourself.
    2905Enter Ofelia as before.
    Who's this, Ofelia? O my dear sister!
    Is't possible a young maid's life
    Should be as mortal as an old man's saw?
    2913.1O heav'ns themselves!--How now, Ofelia?
    Well, God-a-mercy. I ha' been gathering of flowers.
    Here, here is rue for you.
    You may call it herb-a-grace o'Sundays.
    Here's some for me, too. You must wear your rue
    2935With a difference. There's a daisy.
    Here, love, there's rosemary for you
    for remembrance. I pray, love, remember.
    And there's pansy for thoughts.
    A document in madness. Thoughts, remembrance!
    O God, O God!
    There is fennel for you. I would ha' giv'n you
    Some violets, but they all withered when
    My father died. Alas, they say the owl was
    2785A baker's daughter. We see what we are,
    But cannot tell what we shall be.
    [She sings]
    For bonny sweet Robin is all my joy.
    Thoughts and afflictions, torments worse than hell!
    Nay, love, I pray you make no words of this now.
    I pray now, you shall sing "a-down,"
    And you "a- down-a." 'Tis o'the King's daughter
    2925And the false steward, and if anybody
    Ask you of anything, say you this:
    [She sings]
    2790Tomorrow is Saint Valentine's day,
    All in the morning betime,
    And a maid at your window
    To be your Valentine.
    The young man rose,
    And donned his clothes,
    And dupped the chamber door,
    Let in the maid, that out a maid
    Never departed more.
    Nay, I pray, mark now:
    [She sings]
    By Gis and by Saint Charity
    Away, and fie for shame!
    Young men will do't when they come to't;
    By Cock, they are to blame.
    2800Quoth she, "Before you tumbled me,
    You promised me to wed."
    "So would I ha' done, by yonder sun,
    If thou hadst not come to my bed."
    So, God be with you all. God b'w'y', ladies.
    2950God b'w'y' you, love.
    Exit Ofelia.
    Grief upon grief! My father murdered,
    My sister thus distracted:
    3034.1Cursed be his soul that wrought this wicked act!
    Content you, good Laertes, for a time,
    2960.1Although I know your grief is as a flood,
    Brimful of sorrow; but forbear awhile,
    And think already the revenge is done
    On him that makes you such a hapless son.
    You have prevailed, my lord. Awhile I'll strive
    2963.1To bury grief within a tomb of wrath,
    Which once unhearsed, then the world shall hear
    Laertes had a father he held dear.
    No more of that. Ere many days be done,
    2963.5You shall hear that you do not dream upon.
    Exeunt omnes.