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  • Title: Thomas Lord Cromwell (Folio 3, 1664)

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    Authors: Anonymous, William Shakespeare
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    Thomas Lord Cromwell (Folio 3, 1664)

    Enter two Merchants.
    1. Now, Master Crosbie, I see you have a care
    To keep your word, in payment of your money.
    2. By my faith I have reason upon a Bond,
    1290Three thousand pounds is too much to forfeit,
    Yet I doubt not, Master Banister.
    1. By my faith your summe is more then mine,
    And yet I am not much behind you too,
    Considering that to day I paid at Court.
    12952. Masse, and well remembred:
    What's the reason the Lord Cromwell's men
    Wear such long Skirts upon their Coats?
    They reach down to their very Hams.
    1. I will resolve you, sir, and thus it is;
    1300The Bishop of Winchester, that loves not Cromwell,
    As great men are envied as well as lesse,
    A while a go there was a jar between them,
    And it was brought to my Lord Cromwell's ear,
    That Bishop Gardiner would sit on his Skirts,
    1305Upon which word he made his men long blew Coats,
    And in the Court wore one of them himself:
    And meeting with the Bishop, quoth he, my Lord,
    Here's Skirts enough now for your Grace to sit on:
    Which vexed the Bishop to the very heart;
    1310This is the reason why they wear long Coats.
    2. 'Tis alwayes seen, and mark it for a rule,
    That one great man will envy still another:
    But 'tis a thing that nothing concerns me:
    What, shall we now to Master Banister's?
    13151. I, come, we'll pay him royally for our dinner.Ex.