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  • Title: Thomas Lord Cromwell (Folio 3, 1664)

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    Authors: Anonymous, William Shakespeare
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    Thomas Lord Cromwell (Folio 3, 1664)

    The History of the Life and Death of THOMAS
    Lord CROMWELL.
    1Enter three Smiths, Hodge, and two other, old Crom-
    well's men.
    COme, Masters, I think it be past five a clock,
    5Is it not time we were at work?
    My old Master he'll be stirring anon.
    1. I cannot tell whether my old Master will
    be stirring or no: but I am sure I can hardly take my
    afternoon's nap, for my young Master Thomas,
    10He keeps such a quile in his studie,
    With the Sun, and the Moon, and the seven Starres,
    That I do verily think he'll read out his wits.
    Hodge. He skill of the starres? there's good-man Car
    of Fulham,
    15He that carried us to the strong Ale, where goody Trundel
    Had her maid got with child: O, he knows the Starres,
    He'll tickle you Charles Wain in nine degrees:
    That same man will tell goody Trundel
    When here Ale shall miscarry, only by the starres.
    202. I, that's a great virtue indeed, I think Thomas
    Be no body in comparison to him.
    1. Well, Masters, come, shall we to our Hammers?
    Hod. I, content; first let's take our mornings draught,
    And then to work roundly.
    252. I, agreed, go in Hodge.Exeunt omnes.