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  • Title: Anthony and Cleopatra (Folio 1, 1623)
  • Editor: Randall Martin
  • ISBN: 978-1-55058-433-2

    Copyright Randall Martin. This text may be freely used for educational, non-profit purposes; for all other uses contact the Editor.
    Author: William Shakespeare
    Editor: Randall Martin
    Not Peer Reviewed

    Anthony and Cleopatra (Folio 1, 1623)

    Alarum. Enter Anthony againe in a March.
    Scarrus, with others.
    Ant. We haue beate him to his Campe: Runne one
    2650Before, & let the Queen know of our guests: to morrow
    Before the Sun shall see's, wee'l spill the blood
    That ha's to day escap'd. I thanke you all,
    For doughty handed are you, and haue fought
    Not as you seru'd the Cause, but as't had beene
    2655Each mans like mine: you haue shewne all Hectors.
    Enter the Citty, clip your Wiues, your Friends,
    Tell them your feats, whil'st they with ioyfull teares
    Wash the congealement from your wounds, and kisse
    The Honour'd-gashes whole.
    2660Enter Cleopatra.
    Giue me thy hand,
    To this great Faiery, Ile commend thy acts,
    Make her thankes blesse thee. Oh thou day o'th'world,
    Chaine mine arm'd necke, leape thou, Attyre and all
    2665Through proofe of Harnesse to my heart, and there
    Ride on the pants triumphing.
    Cleo. Lord of Lords.
    Oh infinite Vertue, comm'st thou smiling from
    The worlds great snare vncaught.
    2670Ant. Mine Nightingale,
    We haue beate them to their Beds.
    What Gyrle, though gray
    Do somthing mingle with our yonger brown, yet ha we
    A Braine that nourishes our Nerues, and can
    2675Get gole for gole of youth. Behold this man,
    Commend vnto his Lippes thy fauouring hand,
    Kisse it my Warriour: He hath fought to day,
    As if a God in hate of Mankinde, had
    Destroyed in such a shape.
    2680Cleo. Ile giue thee Friend
    An Armour all of Gold: it was a Kings.
    Ant. He has deseru'd it, were it Carbunkled
    Like holy Phoebus Carre. Giue me thy hand,
    Through Alexandria make a iolly March,
    2685Beare our hackt Targets, like the men that owe them.
    Had our great Pallace the capacity
    To Campe this hoast, we all would sup together,
    And drinke Carowses to the next dayes Fate
    Anthony and Cleopatra. 361
    Which promises Royall perill, Trumpetters
    2690With brazen dinne blast you the Citties eare,
    Make mingle with our ratling Tabourines,
    That heauen and earth may strike their sounds together,
    Applauding our approach. Exeunt.