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As You Like It (1911, Herbert Beerbohm Tree)

TitleAs You Like It
Theater CompanyHerbert Beerbohm Tree
Release LocationsUK
Start Date1911-05-30
End Date1911-05-30
Play ConnectionsAs You Like It (performance)
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The London Shakespeare Festival opened on 22 May 1911 at His Majesty's Theatre with Herbert Beerbohm Tree's Julius Caesar, followed by As You Like It, The Merchant of Venice and Twelfth Night. Frank Benson presented The Taming of the Shrew and Tree revived his Henry VIII. Next came Benson's Richard III and on the final night, July 3, The Merry Wives of Windsor.

Performance Chronicle Gatekeeper — Added 2011-08-08

Cast Overview

Banished DukeAlfred Brydone
RosalindLily Brayton
Duke FrederickAlfred Brydone
CeliaElfrida Clement
OliverCharles A. Doran
Jaques de BoysAlfred Bristowe
OrlandoGeorge Relph
Old AdamHerbert Grimwood
Le BeauH. Tripp Edgar
CharlesEdwin Irwin
TouchstoneA. Athol Forde
AmiensErnest Leeman
JaquesOscar Asche
CorinCaleb Porter
SilviusEwan Brooke
PhoebeConstance Robertson
WilliamR. F. Anson
AudreyCaroline Bayley
Sir Oliver MartextArthur Trantom
1st LordE. Sherrard

Production Team and Crew Overview

ProprietorHerbert Beerbohm Tree

Company Overview

Theater Company Herbert Beerbohm Tree

Production information courtesy of: Performance Chronicle Gatekeeper [website]