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Ghost Light (2011, Oregon Shakespeare Festival)

TitleGhost Light
Theater CompanyOregon Shakespeare Festival
Release LocationsUSA
Start Date2011-06-28
End Date2011-11-05
Play ConnectionsHamlet (derivative)
SettingSan Francisco
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Few experience the death of a parent against the backdrop of history. In Tacconeʼs evocative new play, Jon is a theatre director haunted for years by the assassination of his father, San Francisco Mayor George Moscone. When asked to stage a production of Hamlet, the ghost of the king stalks the battlement of Jonʼs mind and heart, and he is summoned to confront his long buried feelings. Smartly laced with poetry and wit, this world premiere is rooted in a crime that shocked a nation and changed a city—and a young boy—forever.

Oregon Shakespeare Festival — Added 2011-08-01

Cast Overview

EnsembleDanielle Chaves
LoverboyDanforth Comins
BasilTed Deasy
Film DirectorPeter Frechette
Prison GuardBill Geisslinger
EnsembleIsaac Kosydar
JonChristopher Liam Moore
BoyTyler James Myers
LouiseRobynn Rodriguez
MisterDerrick Lee Weeden

Production Team and Crew Overview

DirectorJonathan Moscone
Costume DesignerMeg Neville
Scenic DesignerTodd Rosenthal
Lighting DesignerChristopher Akerlind
Music/SoundAndre Pluess
AuthorTony Taccone
Projections/Video DesignerMaya Ciarrocchi

Company Overview

Theater Company Oregon Shakespeare Festival

Production information courtesy of: Jim Volz