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Measure for Measure (2011, Oregon Shakespeare Festival)

TitleMeasure for Measure
Theater CompanyOregon Shakespeare Festival
Release LocationsUSA
Start Date2011-02-18
End Date2011-11-06
Audiencecollege and university
general public
high school
Play ConnectionsMeasure for Measure (performance)
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The Duke's authoritarian deputy, Angelo, is hell-bent on stamping out moral decay. He reactivates outdated Draconian laws and aims his arrogant crosshairs at a young man whose fiancĂ©e is pregnant, sentencing him to death. Angelo is sternly incorruptible—until he meets Isabela, a beautiful religious novice whose desirability arouses him. Flavored with live music by the mariachi band Las Colibri, Rauch's vigorous, modern production of ShakespeareÊŒs tragicomedy reveals what can happen when sex, religion and politics collide.

Oregon Shakespeare Festival — Added 2011-06-06

Cast Overview

Duke of ViennaAnthony Heald
AngeloRenĂ© Millán
EscalusIsabell Monk O'Connor
ClaudioFrankie Alvarez
IsabelaStephanie Beatriz
JulietAlejandra Escalante
MariannaBrooke Parks
LucioKenajuan Bentley
ProvostTony DeBruno
Friar PeterJonathan Dyrud
ElbowTyrone Wilson
Mistress OverdoneCristofer Jean
PompeyRamiz Monsef
BarnadineJim L. Garcia
FranciscaK. T. Vogt

Production Team and Crew Overview

DirectorBill Rauch
Projections DesignerShawn Sagady
Costume DesignerE. Sosa
Scenic DesignerClint Ramos
Lighting DesignerDavid Weiner
Composer and ArrangementsSusie Garcia
Music SupervisorMichael Keck

Company Overview

Theater Company Oregon Shakespeare Festival

Production information courtesy of: Oregon Shakespeare Festival [website]