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Tempete! (2010, Compagnie Irina Brook)

Theater CompanyCompagnie Irina Brook
Release LocationsGermany
Start Date2010-08-06
End Date2010-08-06
Play ConnectionsThe Tempest (adaptation)
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Irina Brook's newest creation is flippant and crazy but nevertheless harmonious: Prospero was certainly not the King of Naples, but rather the best Neapolitan pizza baker, who was betrayed and sold by his Mafiosi brothers and has lived ever since then with his daughter Miranda on an island among insubordinate ghosts. The stage is one big witch's kitchen in which Prospero carries out his (cooking) experiments, and where his prospective son-in-law will only get his permission to marry his daughter when he can successfully cook Spaghetti Vongole. The performance is multilingual: it's in French, with Italian and English dialects.

Shakespeare Festival im Globe Neuss — Added 2011-04-18

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DirectorIrina Brook

Company Overview

Playgroup Shakespeare Festival im Globe Neuss
Theater Company Compagnie Irina Brook

Production information courtesy of: Shakespeare Festival im Globe Neuss [website]