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Macbeth (2011, Shakespeare Festival im Globe Neuss)

Theater CompanyShakespeare Festival im Globe Neuss
Release LocationsGermany
Start Date2011-07-11
End Date2011-07-11
Play ConnectionsMacbeth (adaptation)
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Fragments from Shakespeare's "Macbeth," sacral and profane choir compositions from Josquin Desprez (1450 –1521) and the onomatopoetic transposition of the slaughter at Marignan in Clement Janequins (1485 –1558) composition "La Guerre" make up the starting material for a gripping choral implementation of the Macbeth drama. The wonderful music from the early renaissance is sung and choreographed sensationally. Length: 1 hour and 10 minutes.

Shakespeare Festival im Globe Neuss — Added 2011-04-17

Production Team and Crew Overview

DirectionBenoit Malmbergg

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Playgroup Romeo & Julia Koren
Theater Company Shakespeare Festival im Globe Neuss

Production information courtesy of: Shakespeare Festival im Globe Neuss [website]