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Hamlet (from the East) (2011, Shakespeare Festival im Globe Neuss)

TitleHamlet (from the East)
Theater CompanyShakespeare Festival im Globe Neuss
Release LocationsGermany
Start Date2011-07-09
End Date2011-07-10
Play ConnectionsHamlet (adaptation)
SettingKorean culture
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One of the most exhilarating performances in the history of the Shakespeare Festival at the Globe Neuss was "Midsummer Night's Dream" in 2006, performed by the Yohangza Theatre Company. Now the South Korean company, under the directorship of Jung-Ung Yang, returns to Neuss with "Hamlet." The addition "from the East" suggests a Hamlet set in the background of the Korean culture, with the shamanism of buddhism. The father's ghost is placated by a sacrificial ritual, Ophelia's ghost is saved from the water in which she drowned, and in Hamlet's death scene the ghosts are sworn to take the poison out of his body and to pave the way to the other world. This and other rituals traverse the production and, by integrating the storyline into another cultural circle, successfully portray just how worldly the Hamlet topic remains. Premiere in Germany in Korean.

Shakespeare Festival im Globe Neuss — Added 2011-04-17

Cast Overview

CastHae-Kyun Cheong
CastJung-Yong Jeon
CastEun-Hee Kim
CastJin-Gon Kim
CastSeung-Hae Nam

Production Team and Crew Overview

DirectionJung-Ung Yang
Stage SetIl-Jin Im

Company Overview

Playgroup Yohangza Theatre Company
Theater Company Shakespeare Festival im Globe Neuss

Production information courtesy of: Shakespeare Festival im Globe Neuss [website]