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Julius Caesar (2008, Shakespeare Festival im Globe Neuss)

TitleJulius Caesar
Theater CompanyShakespeare Festival im Globe Neuss
Release LocationsGermany
Start Date2008-08-15
End Date2008-08-17
Play ConnectionsJulius Caesar (performance)
SettingRome. Timeless


A production by The Aquila Theatre Company, New York.

Shakespeare Festival im Globe Neuss — Added 2008-11-14

Production Team and Crew Overview

Director (Regie)Peter Meineck
Costumes (Kostüme)Becky Lasky
Set Designer (Bühnenbild)Ryan Brooke
Set Designer (Bühnenbild)Anthony George
Lighting Designer (Lichtdesign)Peter Meineck
Composer (Originalmusik)Dan Lipton
Technical (Technik)Jason Reuter
Stage Manager (Bühnenmanagerin)Andrea Wales

Company Overview

Playgroup Aquila Theatre
Theater Company Shakespeare Festival im Globe Neuss

Production information courtesy of: Shakespeare Festival im Globe Neuss [website]