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Pericles (1998, Judith Shakespeare Company)

Theater CompanyJudith Shakespeare Company
Release LocationsUSA
Start Date1998-05-17
End Date1998-05-20
Play ConnectionsPericles (reading(s))
SettingCostal Lands of the Aegean and Eastern Mediterranean, and at Sea
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Cast Overview

AntiochusJohn Dougherty
Daughter of AntiochusK. Elizabeth English
PericlesRichard Simon
HelicanusBeth Phillips
EscanesJulian A. Rozzell, Jr.
ThaliardDavid Reichhold
CleonBill Galarno
DionyzaMarni Nixon
SimonidesJeffrey Shoemaker
ThaisaIvanna Cullinan
MarinaKelli Cruz
LychoridaK. Elizabeth English
LysimachusColin Lockerbie
CerimonAngela Nirvana
LeonineKevin Reifel
DianaMarilyn Beck
GowerMarilyn Beck
PhilemonKelli Cruz
MarshallSherry Nehmer
A PandarJohn Dougherty
BoultJulian A. Rozzell, Jr.
A BawdSherry Nehmer
LordJohn Dougherty
LordBill Galarno
LordColin Lockerbie
LordSherry Nehmer
LordAngela Nirvana
LordDavid Reichhold
LordKevin Reifel
MaidenK. Elizabeth English
KnightKelli Cruz
KnightK. Elizabeth English
KnightColin Lockerbie
KnightKevin Reifel
KnightJulian A. Rozzell, Jr.
A ManBill Galarno
A GentlemenColin Lockerbie
A GentlemenKevin Reifel
A ManJeffrey Shoemaker
PirateColin Lockerbie
Master of a ShipColin Lockerbie
PirateBeth Phillips
SailorDavid Reichhold
PirateDavid Reichhold
SailorKevin Reifel
FishermanK. Elizabeth English
FishermanDavid Reichhold
FishermanKevin Reifel
MessengerKelli Cruz
ServantBeth Phillips

Production Team and Crew Overview

DirectorJoanne Zipay
Assistant DirectorKevin LeCaon
DramaturgJoanne Zipay
ComposerMark Kressel
Stage ManagerSharon Rum
Assistant Stage ManagerGinny Hack

Company Overview

Theater Company Judith Shakespeare Company

Production information courtesy of: Judith Shakespeare Company [website]