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The Comedie of Errors (2004, St. Lawrence Shakespeare Festival)

TitleThe Comedie of Errors
Theater CompanySt. Lawrence Shakespeare Festival
Release LocationsCanada
Start Date2004-07-12
End Date2004-07-31
Play ConnectionsThe Comedy of Errors (performance)
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Cast Overview

DukeGregg Taylor
EgeonWilliam Beddoe
Antipholus of EphesusKevin Hobbs
Antipholus of SyracuseAlan Jeans
Dromio of EphesusMichael MacDonald
Dromio of SyracusePerry Mucci
AngeloPeter Tyrrell
First / Second MerchantMichael Longstaff
PinchGregg Taylor
AbbessMerle Matheson
AdrianaMaureen Smith
LucianaAmanda Levencrown
LuceDeborah Smith
CourtesanMaya Toman
BalthazarIan Farthing
OfficerIan Farthing
OfficerShawn Mitchell
WranglerElizabeth Alexander

Production Team and Crew Overview

DirectorSonia Ritter
Costume DesignerSonia Ritter
Set DesignerSonia Ritter
Stage Managerlindi g. papoff
Assistant Stage ManagerShawn McDonald
Wardrobe MistressMaggie Smith
Construction Crew ChiefJohn Thompson
Poster, Program and Rack Card DesignJames Peto

Company Overview

Theater Company St. Lawrence Shakespeare Festival

Production information courtesy of: St. Lawrence Shakespeare Festival [website]